What is Design? What is The Web?

We all know what ‘a website’ is, right? Well, sorta.

This course will explore all of the areas of the modern design process for the web and revisit the common sense that used to be a foundation of Design.

Research, content-strategy, user-experience, user-interface, user-testing, content-architecture, visual-design, lean/agile workflows, empathy, ethics, project planning, project management, working on a team, how your computer works, how to organize your work, how the web works, HTTP, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, package managers, collaboration and open-source, writing maintainable systems, and all the rest of the buzzwords you’ve heard.

We’re going to learn to Design for The Web.

After that, you can decide where to go. Maybe you’ll get a job on a design team as a front-end web developer – or maybe you’ll find yourself managing projects or any number of roles. This course can get you a high paying job in ‘the tech industry’ if you want / but it can also help you start your own business or get involved in ways we haven’t even thought of yet. What you do with this foundation is up to you. We aim to fill the gap between quick-fix online courses and 4-year degrees. We think we can act more like an apprenticeship than a boot camp / and – well… we just think we can do it better than everyone else – so, let’s see if that’s true!!!


  • You must have a computer at your disposal
    • It’s a lot better if it’s a mac, but we’ll work through the issues with whatever computer you have
  • You must have 1-2 hours a day at the very least to read the lessons and practice what you learn.

If you want to learn more about how it works, read these blog posts – because they don’t fit on this page. ; ) [insert post links]

How long is the course?

We don’t know. I’m guessing there are a few tiers – but that’s what the alpha program is about. We’ll run a few teams through the program as we build it. How they learn will determine how the course will work. I’d guess 3months or 6months or some combination of focus levels. Possibly daily lessons for 3 months – and then one a week / or other various combinations depending on how we feel after alpha.