What is Design? What is The Web?

We all know what ‘a website’ is, right? Well, sorta.

This course will explore all of the areas of the modern design process for the web.

Research, content-strategy, user-experience, user-interface, user-testing, content-architecture, visual-design, lean/agile workflows, empathy, ethics, project planning, project management, working on a team, how your computer works, how to organize your work, how the web works, HTTP, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, package managers, collaboration and open-source, writing maintainable systems, and all the rest of the buzzwords you’ve heard.

We’re going to learn to Design¬†for The Web.

Our holistic approach gives students and apprentices a shared foundation that allows them to continue along our learning path at a steady rate and readies them to enter the workforce with a deeper understanding of their place in it. Students work in small teams of 15 to learn goal-driven design processes and gain a deep understanding of the tools to build digital products.


  • You must have a computer at your disposal
    • It’s a lot better if it’s a mac, but we’ll work through the issues with whatever computer you have
  • You must have 1-2 hours a day at the very least to read the lessons and practice what you learn.


How long is the course?

The course is 6 months of 6 lessons a week. Everyone must follow through with that foundation. After that, there is a second six-month period where teams will build real projects, work through elective courses, and flesh out portfolios. That second half will be different based on what you are as you are most interested in.

Sign up to learn more. We have limited space – and we’ll only be accepting around 100 students in our first year.

What is the price point?

We aim to fill the gap between cheap and ineffective online-learning platforms – and expensive and ineffective boot camps. Our price-point will land around 10k – but, we’ll be offering some discounts for early adopters.

Sign up today to talk with us personally about your goals and how we can get you where you want to go.