Hey, you! You’re probably here because you’re concerned that we’re using Helvetica and Georgia! Thank you for your concern. What about this whacky heading break, right?

The fun thing about creating a ‘school’ all about design is that we can use the actual website as a teaching tool. Currently, we are deciding on a variable font – and until we decide what to do – we’re using Helvetica! It’s OK! ; )

We’re building everything out all at the same time – and we are trying to be lean and agile – and there’s just a few of us – so, it’s all loose and WILD! This is a fun place / and not a make-it-or-break-it banking application! We can afford to be seen as in progress / or perpetually changing. We might change things often!

There’s also some questionable color contrast – and some other things that we are all working on – as part of the class.

It’s all ok. Everything we do here – is a conversation.