Group session July 1st

This is an alternate resource to help people get over the hump of “The business card site” jitters.

Derek goes through it pretty fast, so – we don’t expect you to be that fast – but we do expect you to be able to do it.

Figure out your basic content FIRST

A heading that greets the visitor.

A paragraph that says who you are / what you like / why we would care.

A link to contact you.

  1. What type of person am I?

  2. What types of things do I love?

  3. Where can I provide the most value?

  4. What type of industry do I want to work in?

  5. Can I be truthful? (yes)

  6. Can Should I be selfish? (yes)

  7. What do I want?

  8. What can I give you in order to get what I want?

  9. How long should this take?

  10. How much text would I want to read?

Picking a font

You aren’t a super hard-core font person. You are new. So, – don’t expect things that don’t make sense. Just pick a font from a list of already accepted “good” fonts.

Choose one font – or two fonts.

Either start with your ‘story’ (who you are/how you want people to feel) – or pick the font – and then work back to a story.

Narrow it down to 2 or three – and then ask for help!!!

(You can change them at some future time! It’s not that serious 😉)

Exploring visual language

Where does some typography / or a “graphic” and a style tile begin and end?

Getting it into code

It’s a heading, a paragraph, and a link – right? So, – you CAN do that…

A font or two, a color or texture, some thoughtful spacing – and you have a website.

We're recoding and editing these now.

So – yeah!

You can watch them as they come – or wait until they are all done.

There are probably going to be 6 videos?

A little more detail

Video in the works!

Group session July 1st