Apply for the next session

We’re changing the way people will apply for DFTW.

So, there’s no more screener form.

From now on, applicants will work through a 3-hour example lesson that will serve as their application and screener. This way – people will have a real example of how the course works before we take next steps.

Steps to be considered

  1. 1. Complete the example assignment

    If you’d like to be notified when the new process is ready, then please send an email to saying so. You can also join our newsletter for updates.

    We do not collect your data. We do not have a sales team.

    We expect the new process to be complete and in action by the end of April. Well, apparently we didn’t get it in place. Instead, we started a new session instead. Until then, you’ll just have to meet us.

  2. 2. Meet the instructors

    If you understand what we’re doing and you think you’d be a good fit, you can meet us on a Zoom call. No sales, no pressure. You can ask us anything and we’ll listen to your story and help you figure out what is the best path for you.

    We’ll decide together if the school is right for you – and if it is, we’ll pass your info over to admissions. If not – then we got to meet each other and have a nice conversation. šŸ˜„

Apply for the next session