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Alfred is what we used before Apple built “spotlight” into their OS. You can get away with just using that, but Alfred has a ton of much fancier options. We’ll detail them on its page.

Finding things

Opening up an application or something obvious – ends up being the same, in both Spotlight and Alfred.

Finding a file / as far as we know (we’ll admit there are things we do not know – like how the files are indexed) – is more effective with Alfred.

The open keyword – is the magic. (unless you’re trying to buy something from Apple)


It works the same. It’s just visually more pleasing.

Powerpack gets you a super clipboard

In macOS – you have 1 piece of text in memory. With Alfred, you have all the things you copied – ready to use again. It’s instantly worth the price. It’ll pay itself off in a few days.

If you have(that means purchased) the Dash app, then it links to Alfred – and lets you instantly look up programming language documentation and saves you a gazillion dollars in time and possible attention loss by – getting what you want — from your brain… to your hands… and back to your eyes – as fast as possible.

Alfred + Dash workflow

Order them – in order of importance (to you).

You can also change the keywords. We use js for JavaScript and wp for WordPress – so that it would be direct to type js array and get to our results.




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