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We want this website to be usable by the widest possible audience, regardless of device, browser, network speed, or ability. As such, this website strives to meet the level AA standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

(temporarily grabbed this from – to help us get an outline in place)

FOR LAWYER: I don’t think that this type of page is “legally” necessary – but we’d like to address it publicly. I’ve taken the bulk of this from – and adjusted it a bit. ANY THOUGHTS? on this?

This page attempts to describe the current state of this website’s accessibility features. If you have any trouble accessing any part of this website, please tell us about it. We can’t always see our shortcomings and we love to learn more about how we can improve and create a better experience for everyone.

Accessibility features

Pages are structured with semantic elements like header, navigation, main, and footer, which may help you move around more quickly. Headings at level 1 mark the main content area of each page, and each page’s structure should follow a logical heading order from there. We were recently told that “skip to content” links can be troublesome – and they are not currently in place.

Images are described with text equivalents, to ensure everyone can access graphical content.

This website’s colors were chosen to ensure there is sufficient color contrast on each page. Every component of this website is accessible via mouse, keyboard, or touch. To ensure the website is usable by keyboards, We’ve added focus styles to images, links, forms, and other focusable elements.

This website has been tested on modern browsers, with occasional checks to make sure it’s usable in older devices or browsers. We test the site with VoiceOver – but we’d love to have a wider variety of people test the site. We’re actually in the market to pay testers if you are interested.

Known issues

We’re still learning. We know there are known unknowns.

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